WP9  Management


The objective of the WP9 is to arrange the timely administrative coordination and financial management of the project.

The actual day-to-day management of the project is the responsibility of the Project Manager (PM), which is nominated and provided by the Coordinator.

Main responsibilities of the PM may be summarized as follows:

a) Coordination of all communications with the EC;

b) Point of contact between the project Consortium and the EC;

c) Progress reporting to the EC;

d) Writing, coordinating and updating the project management documents;

e) Consulting WP leaders with respect to technical efforts and results.

The Project Consortium Agreement specifies issues not included in the European Commission contract (decision procedure, conflict resolution, exploitation, etc.).

For effective management scheme implementation project plan also provides the set of coordination meetings:

1) First coordination meeting (kick-off) will be arranged in KhAI (M1).

2) Second meeting (M14) will be coincided with study visit to KTH (D3.2). The intermediate report will be discussed; the responsibilities of each WP leader in drafting the report will be confirmed.

3) Third meeting (M26) will be coincided with the quality control visit to ZNTU (D8.4). All partners shall be represented by one person authorized to make decisions on behalf of the respective institution.

4) Final meeting (M34) will be coincided with visit the final dissemination conference to be held in BNTU (D6.5).

Responsibilities of each WP leader in drafting the final report will be confirmed.


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