WP7  Sustainability


The objective of the WP7 is to ensure both institutional and financial sustainability of key projects developments.

1.Accreditation of master program

The accreditation of the developed program by the State accreditation authorities will ensure the quality and recognition of developed curriculum. Similarly the supporting materials (learning and training packages, translated publications, electronic libraries) will have a lasting impact on PC universities’ teaching capacity.

2. Financial sustainability of the CIDECS centers is to a great extent ensured as staff for their management will be recruited from existing pools of human resources. Furthermore, as the development of the CIDECS centers is in line with the strategic development plans of the PC universities and with the relevant national development priorities their institutional incorporation into the financial and strategic plans of the universities is likely to be ensured. It includes the following measures:

  1. fee-based in-service training of the ISM1-ISM4 modules,
  2. fee-based consulting services in administrative, financial and technical support of eco-projects
  3. establishment and functioning of 2 Core Fundrising&Analytics Teams; d) establishment of inter-regional association “CIDECS”.

The objective of the Core Fundrising&Analytics Teams will be:

1) exploring the possibilities of different kind of EC funding (TEMPUS, SOCRAT, Leonardo, FP7) and UK funding agencies (Royal Society; BritishCouncil)

2) active participation in technical-intensive innovation projects in cooperation with regional and national branch manufacturers. Integration with IITN network (involved Ukrainian, Spanish, Italian Universities, R&D organizations, manufacturing companies) allows to achieve the synergetic effect in this field.


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