WP6  Dissemination


The objective of the WP6 is to implement the effective scheme for comprehensive sustainable dissemination of the project achievements at the institutional, regional, national and international levels.

Targeted dissemination measures at a project level include:

1. Electronic means: In addition to CIDECS web platform, a project Web-site presenting information about the project and outputs, will be developed in the first project months and up-dated throughout the project lifetime.

Furthermore, the Tempus networks IITN (International Innovations Transfer Network – www.inno.net.ua) and IPMaster (Intellectual Properties Protection - www.ipmaster.net.ua) will be used for dissemination of the project information for synergetic effect achievement.

2. Graphical Dissemination Suite: A complete dissemination package will be developed, including a project logo, style guide, leaflet and pamphlet templates for different purposes and target audiences. Furthermore, the project information and logo will be included into dissemination materials of IITN networks (International Innovations Transfer Network).

3.  Internal dissemination actions & networking: The raising awareness measures will be complemented by regular face-to-face meetings at departmental and faculty level, reporting at faculty methodical council, faculty and university Boards to guarantee support for project activities.

4. Broad Dissemination Events:

1) Promotional academic seminars will be organized in DSEA, UA (M14) and VSTU, BY (M22) to disseminate information on the project, present results, boost the visibility of the labs and promote the handbook to external audiences.

2) At the end of project, a final dissemination event (M34) will be held in BNTU to recapitulate on the results and experiences.

3) Promotional academic seminars will be also organized in monthly on-line meetings of IITN network (meeting participants: Ukrainian/ Spanish/ Belarus/ Italian Universities and enterprises).


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