WP3  Master programme


The objective of the WP3 is to develop the 6 basic modules (BM1-BM6) for Master specialty in Micro- and Nanotechnology in ecosystems technosphere. Each target module consists of 3-4 parts, their content will reflect the modern methods, techniques and tools used in the different aspects of micro/nanotechnology eco-engineering. Each module will have an equal structure developed in line with practice at EU partner universities and industry (lectures, practical studies, tasks for presentations and projects, test questionnaires etc.).

The first stage includes establishment of Reference Team, consisting of representatives of universities, research institutions, industries, Ministry of Education. The members of the Team will be nominated by partner universities.

The team will arrange the needs analysis, which includes studying state-of the art, definition of outcomes and establishing modules developers’ teams. To get the required materials, the selected members of course design teams (2-3 persons from each team) will come for 1-week study visit to the EU partner.

The second stage includes the design phase of development the modules, the piloting phase and the verification phase.

All courses will have Bologna-compatible structure.

Implementation of this training courses ensure closing the single comprehensive system for training a new generation of R&D staff in eco-innovative engineering with full cycle (studying – research – production – maintenance - utilization). The process of development the single comprehensive system were started with implementation of Tempus projects results in the field of green technologies and innovations support (IITN, IPMaster, GREENCO) and to be closed with implementation of ECOTESY training system.


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