WP 2 Web platform CIDECS


The objective of the WP2 is to develop the international web platform CIDECS for collaboration between companies in development and commercialization of programs in eco-innovations. Integration of this platform with the networks of Tempus projects in the field of green technologies and innovation support (IITN, IPMaster) in order to achieve synergetic effect on the development of a comprehensive system of inter-regional development of eco-innovations.

At the first stage WP1 provides establishment of web platform CIDECS developers’ teams for analysis and planning: Tuning the objectives and definition of the requirements for the web platform CIDECS, studying experience of EU partners, analysis of achievement the synergetic effect by integration with the TEMPUS projects e-services.

The next stage provides development of the business plan for the functioning of web platform CIDECS in each PC and pilot testing of web platform CIDECS. Also Integration of web platform CIDECS with the networks of Tempus projects: IITN (www.inno.net.ua) and IPMaster (www.ipmaster.net.ua) to implemented. This stage allows to analyze the results of installation by processing the feedback of potential customers.

It allows to provide e-services for the companies and individual customers in the area of marketing the eco-innovations by offering the following services (target group TA1):

  1.  Fostering the market promotion of the eco-product/technology;
  2.  Providing information support of eco-innovations for different technosphere segments.
  3.  Providing the e-commerce service (connected with WP1.)
  4. Supporting the partner universities training courses update with the analysis the enterprises requirements (connected with WP3)
  5.  Providing the training system in the area of innovative micro/nanotech eco-engineering (connected with WP4


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