Description of the Work Packages

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WP1 Centers of Innovations in ecosystems technosphere

The objective of the WP1 is to establish the international network Centers of Innovations in ecosystems technosphere (CIDECS) in UA and BY (3 UA / 3 BY). The functions of each center include administrative, financial and technical supporting of eco-innovative projects, e-commerce, training activities for wide target groups.

WP4 In-service training

The objective of the WP4 is to implement the effective training service in the area of innovative micro/nanotech co-engineering.

WP7 Sustainability

The objective of the WP7 is to ensure both institutional and financial sustainability of key projects developments.

WP 2 Web platform CIDECS

Thisstage provides development of the business plan for the functioning of web platform CIDECS in each PC and pilot testing of web platform CIDECS. Also Integration of web platform CIDECS with the networks of Tempus projects: IITN ( and IPMaster ( to implemented.

WP5 Capacity Building

The first objective of the WP5 is to initiate the comprehensive system of continuous capacity building measures for the academic/research staff involved at the design and the master curricula and delivering of lectures for students of the new specialty as well as professional training of the coachers engaged at functioning of 6 CIDECS centers in UA and BY.

WP8 Quality Control

The objective of the WP7 is to ensure both institutional and financial sustainability of key projects developments.

WP3 Master programme

The objective of the WP3 is to develop the 6 basic modules (BM1-BM6) for Master specialty in Micro- and Nanotechnology in ecosystems technosphere. Each target module consists of 3-4 parts, their content will reflect the modern methods, techniques and tools used in the different aspects of micro/nanotechnology eco-engineering.

WP6 Dissemination

The objective of the WP6 is to implement the effective scheme for comprehensive sustainable dissemination of the project achievements at the institutional, regional, national and international levels.

WP9 Management

The objective of the WP9 is to arrange the timely administrative coordination and financial management of the project.



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